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Godzilla vs. Kong is continuing to smash pandemic box office records.

According to Deadline, the Warner Bros/Legendary’s Godzilla Vs Kong is approaching the $400M global mark, as it topped $300M at the international box office this weekend. Adding $12.2M from 41 overseas markets (a good -49% hold), the monsters have cumed an estimated $309.7M offshore for $390.2M worldwide through Sunday. After overtaking Tenet as the No. 1 grossing movie of the pandemic era domestically last weekend, GVK has also now surpassed that film to boast the same honors for a Hollywood title internationally and globally.

Warner Bros Pictures

In like-for-like overseas plays and at today’s exchange rates, GVK continues to track ahead of Kong: Skull Island (+7%), Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (+45%) and Godzilla (+96%). In China, the Adam Wingard-directed GVK has become the highest grossing pic of the Monsterverse. The cumulative figure there is now estimated at $177.1M through Sunday. Rounding out the Top 5 behind China are Australia ($19.1M), Mexico ($17.3M), Taiwan ($12.1M) and Russia ($11.6M). In IMAX, GVK has hit $35M worldwide with China at $22M.

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