Ten rings you can’t buy in H Samuel stores

Shang-Chi did not pop into his local jewellers and pick up ten super power rings.  No indeed. They were first created for the Ironman film.  In the comics, the wearer has a raft of superpowers from being able to freeze any object, discharge powerful bolts of electricity and, conversely, absorb light. The rings hold these powers thanks to a series of gems embedded within them. Not unlike a  certain gentleman by the name of Thanos.

However it seems Marvel Studios feels this is a bit too similar to the big man and his Infinity Stones so the rings have been transformed into as a series of bracelets that form armbands. To make that obvious they glow with the kind of FX blue energy so familiar to many films and TV shows. The armbands clearly provide whoever wears them with super-strength, although it’s still unclear whether these bands will correspond with the same abilities the rings hold in the comics.

An excellent article by in Vanity Fair says:

When Dianne Chadwick created the logo, Iron Man production designer Michael Riva asked her to put extra care into its creation, noting that “this character could come back” in future movies. According to Chadwick, it was Riva’s idea to make the flag look Mongolian. Mongolia, of course, is not a Middle Eastern country. With that directive, Chadwick made sure the result was as authentic as possible.

Chadwick designed the overlapping rings, the swords, and the ornate border, but had to track down translators and calligraphers who could design the characters within the rings. “They were actually in Mongolia,” Chadwick told me. “There aren’t that many people who can do this calligraphy anymore.” She says the characters within the logo are the names of Mongol and Turkic tribes or clans.

The same Mongolian script symbols cropped up again in Iron Man 3, this time adorning the fingers of Ben Kingsley’s washed-up actor Trevor Slattery—who was only pretending to be the Mandarin. Upon seeing this, Mongolia’s minister of sports and tourism reportedly wrote Marvel a letter, complaining about their use. Marvel, in turn, cited Slattery’s ruse as the reason behind the symbols and apologized for any offense.

The Ten Rings design behind Leung’s Mandarin show the bones of Chadwick’s design the Mongolian symbols are now a very old Chinese language known as Seal Script.

The Ten Rings organisation was responsible for kidnapping Tony Stark way back in 2008’s “Iron Man,” but in the comics, Shang-Chi was fully integrated into other Marvel stories, regularly interacting with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Black Widow which begs the question: Where were Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings organization during the Infinity Saga. Perhaps we will find out in September.

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is scheduled to open in theatres on Sept. 3.

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