Intergalactic airs April 30th on Sky One

From the fringes of outer space to the depths of human emotion,
Intergalactic is an action packed, characterful, science-fiction show with
its feet firmly on the ground. Written by award-winning showrunner Julie
Gearey, Intergalactic tells the story of a young cop and galactic pilot –
Ash – who has her glittering career ripped out from under her when she is
wrongly convicted of a treasonous crime. A quest for freedom, Intergalactic
is a prison break drama like no other full of adventure, action and intrigue.
Ash is sentenced to exile on a prison planet and loaded onto a prison
spaceship – The Hemlock – for transfer. Ash never reaches the prison
colony as there is a mutiny on board the Hemlock, staged by her fellow
inmates. With the flight crew dead, mob leader Tula Quik is intent of
reaching the free world – Arcadia – with her gang. And Ash Harper is the
pilot they need to fly them there.

As the gang go ‘on the run’ across the galaxy, they will travel to many
planets, make friends and encounter dangerous enemies, all the time
with the authorities on their tail. A the journey continues, Ash begins to
re-evaluate her dangerous cohorts, ; could it be that this group of female
fugitives are on the wrong side of the law, but the right side of history?
A female prison gang show with an epic galactic setting, the further the
escapees travel from home the closer they come to understanding who
they truly are. And as they reluctantly learn to rely on one another, this
disparate band of criminals will be fighting for their shared future in their
ultimate bid for freedom.

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