Deadline Exclusive: Jeff Goldblum to star in D&D Podcast ‘Dark Dice’

DEADLINE EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Goldblum is entering a new world. The Jurassic Park star is to lend his voice to Dungeons & Dragons podcast Dark Dice.

Goldblum will play elven sorcerer Balmur on the upcoming season of the audio series.

He is voicing one of the five player-characters in the improvised audio drama, where the outcome of the story is determined by the fated rolling of dice.

It is latest unusual move for Goldblum, whose Disney+ series The World According To Jeff Goldblum was renewed for a second season.

Courtesy of Fool & Scholar Productions / ICM

Dark Dice’s quest takes place after a failed attempt to save the world and follows the team’s hunt for revenge against the other player-controlled team. To complicate mystical matters, Goldblum’s team is stalked by a creature known as The Silent One, a deceptive being that steals the face and voice of any creature it chooses.

The season, which is titled The Long March, launches on May 12.

The show features immersive soundscapes, a diverse international cast, and an original soundtrack featuring an orchestra, over thirty medieval instruments, and a live choir singing in Infernal, Icelandic, and Elvish. New episodes of the show, which is primarily fan-funded, release monthly on all podcasting platforms.

Dark Dice was created by Fool & Scholar Productions, from husband-and-wife duo Travis Vengroff, who produces and edits, and Kaitlin Statz, who writes. The pair have created audio series including The White Vault and VAST Horizon.

Goldblum is represented by ICM, Industry Entertainment and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman. Fool & Scholar Productions is represented by ICM Partners.


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