J K Simmons replaces Ed O’Neill in Amazon’s Sci-Fi series ‘Lightyears’

J.K. Simmons, who is also appearing in ‘The Tomorrow War’ with Chris Pratt, is to star as the co-lead opposite fellow Oscar winner Sissy Spacek in Amazon’s genre-bending drama series ‘Lightyears’.  The series announced last October is a co-production between Amazon Studios and Legendary Television. Simmons replaces Ed O’Neill who was originally cast as the male lead in the project but pulled out for personal  reasons.

Sissy Spacek stars as Irene York in Lightyears
Sissy Spacek stars as Irene York in Lightyears

Lightyears, written and co-executive produced by Holden Miller, follows Franklin and Irene York, played by Simmons and Spacek, a couple who years ago discovered a chamber buried in their backyard which inexplicably leads to a strange, deserted planet. Franklin is a one-time carpenter with a  crotchety persona. Married for more than fifty years, he is still  devoted to his wife but doesn’t share her fascination with the chamber, it’s a secret that weighs heavily on him. For her sake, he is willing to endure its presence in their lives, but his patience is waning.

Having carefully guarded their secret since discovering the chamber, their calm is shattered when an enigmatic young man enters their lives, the Yorks’ quiet existence is quickly upended…and the mysterious chamber they thought they knew so well turns out to be much more than they could ever have imagined.

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