Alan Moore, legendary comic book writer, to pen 5 book fantasy saga ‘Long London’

Alan Moore, the 67 year old creator of The Watchmen and V For Vendetta  has signed a deal with  publisher Bloomsbury, for Long London, a five-volume series of epic fantasy novels chronicling a fictionalized version of the city. Bloomsbury, the home of boy wizard Harry Potter, will publish the books in 2024. The agreement also covers a collection of short stories entitled Illuminations, to be published next year.

Moore famously retired from comics in 2018 but continues to create, including writing the original feature film The Show, which debuted at festivals last year.

Long London is a series about “a sometimes-accessible shadow city that is beyond time.” This is a hugely inventive, atmospheric, mythical world of murder, magic and madness. It is a quintet of novels that sweeps across the 20th century, starting in the shell-shocked and unravelled London of 1949, and following the populations of writers, criminals, artists, and magicians through that familiar city and a version of London just beyond our knowledge.

Moore’s first novel Voice Of The Fire and his second was the 1000 page novel, Jerusalem, set in his home to of Northampton.

“Alan Moore is simply a legend and it has been such a pleasure to listen to him talk about his ambitious Long London series as well as discovering the range of his shorter fiction,” said Bloomsbury editor-in-chief Paul Baggaley. “These projects have set Bloomsbury alight.”

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