‘Demon Slayer’ ticket sales exceed ‘Mortal Kombat’ in first weekend

The anime action adventure “Demon Slayer” is expected to end the weekend with $6.4m (£4.6m) in ticket sales, while “Mortal Kombat” trails closely behind with $6.2m (£4.4m) over the three days (Fri-Sun). Both films made their debut last weekend and ticket sales declined by 70% over the intervening week. Both films are yet to be released in the UK.

In normal times, those figures would have been seen as disappointing for nationwide releases in the US but in the midst of a pandemic, they’re probably better than could have been expected. Still, it leaves a lingering question about when audiences will return in near normal numbers. It also throws into question whether potential blockbusters such as ’Fast and Furious’ (‘F9’) and Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ and will hit cinema screens this year as anticipated.

‘Demon Slayer,’ which is showing in almost 2000 North American cinemas, has earned an impressive $34.1m (£26m) in the U.S. and Canada so far. The film has exceeded ‘Dragon Ball: Super Broly’ $30m (£21.7) to become the third-highest grossing anime title. In Japan it has become the highest-grossing movie ever with ticket sales surpassing $368m (£265.8m) Globally it is the highest-grossing anime film ever with $423m (£305m).

‘Mortal Kombat,’ has grossed $34m (£26m) in two weeks, notable because the Warner Bros. movie is being screened simultaneously on HBO Max. It is believed that ‘The Suicide Squad,’ will also hit cinemas and HBO Max at the same time.

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