The Matrix Resurrections: is this the return of Neo or John Wick on a trip? See Trailer

We film fans have been given our first full taste of the fourth instalment in the Matrix franchise, in the trailer below, that reintroduces Keanu Reeves’ hero Neo.

I saw The Matrix at the cinema back in 1999. The movie is still a great sci-fi movie and justifies being called one of the best.  The fights scenes are well choreographed and heavy hitting – particularly when people get thrown through walls and this movie has plenty of that although not so completely over the top as the current crop. The slow motion shots are still brilliant even though many films have copied the effect since but The Matrix did it first and best in my opinion. 

The storyline is complex, very futuristic even though it was only 21 years ago and CGI, has moved on a long way in those two decades. Let’s be honest, the storyline can be more than a little confusing at times in fact every time I watch it I see something I missed first, second or even third time around.

It’s hard to fault such a genre defining film as The Matrix although I was as enamoured with the two sequels.  It led the way at the time so I’m really looking forward to The Matrix Resurrections. If the trailer is anything to go by I won’t be disappointed as long as I can get past my unconscious confusion that Neo is actually John Wick on crack. 

The Matrix Resurrections will be released in cinemas and on the HBO Max streaming service in December.

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