Raya and the last Dragon -Disney+

Last year Disney Pixar released a truly marvelous film called ‘Soul’ and 1 year on they have done it again. Characters are original although, as usual, the star has an animal sidekick. Some of the most striking imagery that Disney has ever produced and plenty of jokes, action and a storyline to keep the whole family entertained for 1hr 47mins. Give it a watch and transport yourself into the mystical world of dragons, you will not be disappointed.
Well done Disney! rating
The Tomorrow War – Amazon

I really wanted to like this as I’m a big Chris Pratt fan. Unfortunately the script seems written in a rush and the plot has more holes than Swiss cheese. The acting apart from a few characters is amateurish and the film is also 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. It would seem that Amazon were bored of Netflix making big CGI films and thought “Hey we can do this as well” and they pulled out all the stops. The CGI isn’t bad but that isn’t the only thing to make a film. It could have been better but if you turn your brain off it’s not a bad way to spend 2hrs 20mins. One last thing, if this is 30 years in the future why are they using the same guns as the people from 30 years in the past…………. Where are the laser guns or something? rating

Shadow In The Cloud – Amazon

Please do not waste your time. A script that was written in about 10 minutes, £10 spent on special effects and a storyline beyond ridiculous, especially “what was in the box”.
Chloë Grace Moretz does her best with what she has to work with but the whole thing just falls short in all aspects including the running time of 1hr 24minutes. Obviously with a film being this bad a 1hr 24min running time seems more like a blessing. Most of film takes place in a B-17 gun turret underneath the plane which is followed by a ludicrous scene as the star manoeuvres herself along the outside of the plane whilst still in full flight. It’s partially a WWII film so why is the music played on a synthesiser and would suit better in a episode of Dr WHO back in the early 80’s. I wouldn’t waste your time on this film, just watch the trailer it is better than the film. rating

The Nevers -Sky Max

Okay so I’m only one episode in but it’s clear that it’s going to take an episode or two more before I even begin to understand what’s going on. I get the basic plot: a gang of Victorian women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies, and a mission that might change the world. Fantasy certainly; intriguing definitely; watchable absolutely. Superb production and excellent performances all round. Time will tell. rating


Intergalactic – Sky One

The saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover also applies to a series by its promo.
The year is 2134, binge drinking is still a thing and 1990’s vocabulary trips off the tongue, even a split tongue.
Sets and production values are reasonable but the cast, although trying their best, is fighting against the quagmire of a cliché riddled script. To return to the book analogy, if the first chapter doesn’t grab you it’s unlikely you’ll finish the book. rating

Army of the Dead – Netflix

After Zack Snyder fans saw the ZSJL cut their expectations may have been too high for Army of the Dead. This is not a superhero film and is not to be taken seriously. You could also say that it was more like a cannibal film than a zombie film. The script was a little cheesey and the acting was below par (may be David Bautista should not be a leading man). Don’t expect too much and don’t expect awards. It was enjoyable and gory but predictable, but what zombie films aren’t?